​Profile no. 4850 - vertical sub structure:

With our new profile no. 4850 (dimensions: 48x50x2,5mm) you can easily create vertical static structures for walls.

In combination with our profile no. 4824 (dimensions: 48x24mm) used
as horizontal structure you are able to establish durable corrosion free sub constructions which works also in extreme condititons.

  •     applicable for covering of metall walls/dividing walls
  •     perfect to cover pipes and electric lines
  •     for food processing areas/wet room/hygienic areas
  •     applicable also for suspended ceilings

4850 H-profile sub structure
Item no. 4850 H-profile (48 x 50 x 2,5 mm)
4824 + 4825
sub construction no. 4824 with plug connector 4825