7710 – (skirting profile with invisible sealing for synthethic resin floors)

​Weco Plastik® solution for a water-proof connection between wall and floor.

The most important area in food processing environments is the connection between wall and floor. In such wet conditions microbes and bacteriums can grow, when the joining/joint isn't fully sealed.

Because of different shrinking behaviour of synthethic floor masses and surface of the wall the connection can burst and can cause an invisible hygienic problems in food processing areas.

For exactly that problem we have developed an easy and cheap solution with our profile no. 7710 (invisible sealing) and 7720 (visible maintenance joint).

  • durable – hygienic water-proof connection between wall and floor
  • invisible or visible sealing joints

Our panels are made in high quality raw material (leadfree), certified for food processing areas.

Profile thickness: 2,2 mm
Width: 10 mm
Length: 300 cm
Height: 40 mm
Remarks: Profiles are assembled with elastic sealing mass or hybrid glue
Colours: only available in white
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