​4000 – (Facia profile / cladding profile)

​Our Profile no. 4000 is a multifunctional product because of the the material thickness and stability. It can be used for several applications. You can cover ceiling areas as well as wall and facades, garages doors, blinds, bottom of roofings, dormers, gables, etc.


  • easy to fit
  • washable
  • durable weather resistant
  • no further costs 
  • no painting anymore!  

Our facia profiles are fixed with steel clamps/screws on plastic batten / sub construction like our ceiling profiles (see Weco Plastik assembly instruction). Our various end strips/fittings overs solutions for all assembly situations.

Profile thickness: 18 mm
Cover width: 91 mm
Length: available in cuttings maximum of 600 cm
Weight: 5,7 kg/m²
Remarks: 11 profiles required to cover one meter
Colours: white RAL 9016, grey, wood pattern "Golden Oak", transparency
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