​3020 CZ – (hygienic ceiling profile)

​Our Weco Plastik profile no. 3020 CZ can be used excellently to cover surfaces in all food processing areas resp. wet areas. In such environments the surfaces are sometimes daily cleaned with cleaning agents or high-pressure cleaners. The double tongue and groove joint allows easy to clean surfaces.

The ceiling profiles are fixed with stainless steel clamps or screws on plastic batten/sub construction (see Weco Plastik assembly instruction). Because of light weight you can use common suspension systems. Our various seams/end strips/fittings offers solutions for all assembly situations.

We manufacture the profiles in hard-PVC which allows no absorption of humidity and offers durable hygienic solutions. The used raw material is fast against chemical cleaning agents and allows the usage in:

  • all food processing areas e.g. butcher’s shops, slaughterhouses, bakeries, canteens, caterings, dairies, cheese dairies, fish industry, beverage industry, etc.
  • agriculture – farming
  • car-wash
  • pool and wellness areas
  • shower rooms, locker rooms
  • kitchen and bathrooms, etc.
Profile height: 8 mm
Cover width: 200 mm
Length: available in cuttings maximum 600 cm
Weight: 2,75 kg/m²
Remarks: 5 profiles require to cover one meter
Colours: white, grey, ivory
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